Kingsley Organisation began its life in 1987, as Kingsley Centre, a small local project based in an old village school in East Hampshire. It quickly established itself as a unique place where inclusion and personal learning sit alongside one another.

In 2005 we became Kingsley Organisation.  Our building in Hampshire continues as the Kingsley Centre.


Kingsley Organisation from its outset in 1987 has had its participants (the name chosen by the first service users at Kingsley Organisation) at the ‘centre of the Organisation, recognising the importance of Independence, Choice and Control. Within our structure we have created systems, which encourage and support participants, volunteers and staff to be proactive in the delivery of their own service, in the development of new services, in designing our quality standards and in recruitment. We are not a hierarchal Organisation, but each system within the structure has clear roles and responsibilities.

Board of Trustees

Kingsley Organisation is a charitable company and is governed by a Board of Trustees. They have specific responsibilities for Governance, Charitable Objects, Compliance, Employment, Strategy and Finance.

  • Stefani Dent (Chair)
  • Judith Leslie-Smith MBE (Vice Chair and Founder)
  • Lee Paine
  • Marianne Schoenauer
  • Sally Woods 

The Board of Trustees can be contacted via

Hayley Sutton, Executive Manager
Telephone: 01420 479000

Senior Management Team

The Board of Trustees is supported by an Executive Management Team who operate using a shared leadership model

The Executive Management Team can be contacted at the Kingsley Centre on 01420 479000. 

Advisory Board

The Advisory Board reports to the Board of Trustees and the Executive Management Team and has responsibility for overseeing and reviewing:

  • Disability operations
  • Service development
  • Quality standards
  • Monitoring and evaluation
  • Safeguarding

The Organisation has an Advisory Board is made up of stakeholders including Representatives for:

  • Participants
  • Parents and carers
  • Volunteers
  • Trustees
  • Staff
  • Community Users

The Advisory Board can be contacted via

Hayley Sutton, Executive Manager 
Telephone: 01420 479000

Annual Accounts and Reports 

Report and Accounts 2022
Report and Accounts 2021
Report and Accounts 2020
Report and Accounts 2019
Report and Accounts 2018
Report and Accounts 2017
Report and Accounts 2016
Report and Accounts 2015
Report and Accounts 2014

The participants are at the centre of the Organisation